Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rhythmic healing

It was me calling, in the middle of the night
Tired of running, I wanted instead, to fight
Because I was aching, from a wound
A painful cut of betrayal, decades old
Threatening to rip my insides apart

That night, I chose to call you
Because you are aloof to my pain
Which strangely makes you strong
Stronger than I have dared to be
Power over my weakness

You understood; without a word spoken
that, I didn't want love, not that night
I didn't want care, at least not then
I needed healing, and I found it there
In the pounding inside your chest
Your heart rhythmically consoling mine

Rocking me in your tight embrace
Quiet like the snow, yet so warm
Tranquility descended on me
A rare peace washed over me

I hoped that is what forgiveness feels like.

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